Aggregates and Topsoil come into their own with these Landscape Gardening Trends!

As suppliers of aggregates and topsoil to a variety of top landscape gardeners, the Grabserve team like to think that we know a thing or two about the landscape gardening trends that will crop up each summer.

This year we have already seen three very pronounced trends begin to emerge and, guess what… they’re all really easy to create for clients and all make great use of both traditional aggregates and decorative stone aggregates!

Trend number 1 – Vegetable patches and herb gardens

With so many people deciding to rebel against the supermarkets and take the plunge into growing their own vegetables and herbs, it makes sense that they’d want an attractive bit of garden in which to do it. This is why we’re predicting a rise in requests to landscape gardeners for dedicated vegetable patches and herb gardens, nicely sectioned off with decorative stone aggregates or even the more traditional stuff! The Grabserve team thinks that MOT type 1 (limestone) in particular will create really attractive borders.

Trend number 2 – Wildlife gardening

Homeowners are becoming more and more aware of how their gardens can help, or even cause problems for wildlife. Hedges in particular have landed in the spotlight recently, with charities like the RSPB calling for people to make them more hedgehog friendly and even replace garden walls with them. They are also calling for more people to install what we at Grabserve think will be another big landscape gardening trend… ponds! While a pond doesn’t have to be big and fancy to attract frogs, toads and newts, it doesn’t hurt to offer clients a more ornamental option decorated using attractive aggregates.

Trend number 3 – Areas for entertaining

While there’s nothing like a garden party on lush grass, what will happen when that Great British rain arrives unexpectedly? With more and more homeowners rebelling against the weather and getting out into the garden at all costs, we think that other areas for entertaining – such as small patios – will come into their own. With the sheer number of beautiful decorative aggregates available you can help clients to craft the patio of their dreams, just make sure it’s big enough for that rainproof gazebo or parasol!

And there you have it! We’re more than just suppliers of grab hire services after all! In all seriousness though, keeping up with the trends in landscape gardening and other areas is a crucial part of our business. It’s how we keep up with which types of aggregates and topsoil to supply to our customers in Manchester, Warrington and Stockport, ensuring we always have what you need on hand. And if we don’t? Well, simply contact uswith your request and we’ll do our very best to source it before sending our grab wagons in Manchester to deliver it to wherever is convenient.